My role is to provide market intelligence support to assist staff in developing a greater understanding of what is going on in a particular market.

I provide an external view in terms of sizing markets and understanding key trends. I use Mintel data to be able to give insight into what people are saying in a particular market and to provide context and validation to my conclusions.

We are often called the national grid of payments. We process over 90% of UK salary payments as well as direct debits, faster payments as well as switching Link ATM transactions.

Our clients are mostly banks, so although we don’t have direct consumer contact, our clients do; so it is very important for us to have a good understanding of consumer trends in order to best serve our key stakeholders.

Mintel Reports

We use Mintel Reports, mostly for financial services and ecommerce markets, plus a few retail and technology ones.

It’s mostly me who uses them but if I know someone is working on something specific I will share the relevant reports.

As a leading payments provider, we value additional insights into consumer behaviour, opinions and trends that are shaping the many different markets we operate in. Mintel is a very good and very quick way for us to obtain those insights.

We use Mintel to get a view on where a particular market is going, which can support us in product development and help us identify opportunities or indeed risks, it is a very useful barometer of a market’s potential.

VocaLink Logo

VocaLink is a global payments partner relied on by financial institutions, corporates and governments – we underpin the majority of UK electronic payments.

Our proven capability of implementing real time payment systems in the UK has led to the development of immediate payment solutions for other countries. Our platforms have made it easier to make payments confidently, securely and cost effectively. Last year we processed over 10 billion transactions with a value of £6 trillion.

We are at the forefront of mobile payments and Zapp, the UK’s leading mobile payment innovation, is empowering consumers to be able to make secure real-time consumer to merchant payments through existing mobile banking services.

Mintel Reports

Mintel Reports provides in-depth market analysis, consumer trends and rigorous data telling you what you need to know about consumers and what will drive future growth.