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in your market.

Our market analysis and action-orientated insights are grounded in credible data and observations of the key drivers of consumer behaviour. Monitor market developments across multiple sectors, understand emerging ingredient trends and harness innovation opportunities with our unparalleled market research.

Understand how your consumers think,

browse, choose and buy.

Economic fluctuations have undoubtedly caused consumers to form new behaviours and priorities. These changes are manifesting across the food and drink market in various ways, particularly in personal and planetary health. Our food industry experts help you define concepts that are impacting purchasing decisions, supporting you to make meaningful interactions with your consumers.

Lead innovation
and evolve with consumer trends.

Global fluctuations challenge norms and present new opportunities in the food and drink market. Mintel’s unique solutions will help future-proof your brand, designed to help you navigate complexities, innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

Unlock your brand’s


By investing in Mintel’s Food and Drink market research, you’ll have access to our complete portfolio of market intelligence:

Invigorate Innovation


Discover the newest flavours, ingredients, sourcing, labeling and design.

Food-science in focus

in focus

Pinpoint the big issues in ingredients, additives, nutrition, food safety, emerging science, and more.

Packaging Appeal


Understand the use of different packaging materials and why new concepts impact purchasing decisions.

Improve Sales


Identify opportunities and review recommendations to address business challenges.

Who are our services for?

Marketing and Brand Managers

  • Monitor your competition all around the world
  • Increase your bottom line with the right launch, at the right time
  • Feed sales and R&D with evidence and ideas

Innovation and Insight Managers

  • Find innovative product formats and interesting marketing stories
  • Apply cross-category knowledge to your portfolio for quick wins
  • Quickly understand demographics

Research and Development

  • Discover gaps in the market for new ingredients, applications and claims
  • Analyse formulations and spot regional differences
  • Order products from around the world for testing and benchmarking

Sales and Category Managers

  • Identify new prospects to target
  • Create stories to aid in retail sales
  • Spot emerging trends in your categories to support product positioning

Business Development

  • Understand where the industry may be heading over the next five years
  • Base distribution choices on global market sizes, forecasts and trends
  • Find merger and co-branding opportunities

Packaging and Design

  • Stay ahead of new packaging concepts, technologies and trends
  • Understand how packaging influences purchasing decisions
  • Capitalise on innovative packaging design ideas