You use consultancy to access different skill sets, to tap in to a broader knowledge base, get a fresh perspective on your key business issues. There’s a lot of it about.

But what are those skill sets based on? From where does that knowledge spring? What’s informing those fresh perspectives?

Do they have the weight of Mintel’s resources behind them?

Our global consultants provide consumer insight, brand building, strategic guidance and innovation services to Fortune 500 clients.

The world’s biggest businesses choose us because they know what we’re drawing on: our insights, knowledge and expertise are rooted in the rigorous, multi-disciplinary research on which our own reputation has been built.

No other strategic consultancy can call on this range of resources to answer the key questions your business faces today – and tomorrow.

Consumer research. Market data. Innovation tracking. Trend analysis. New product databases. Competitive intelligence. Product retrieval. Our global team of consultants pulls each of these strands together to offer you strategic vision that balances intelligence, creativity and forward-thinking insight.

From market assessment and landscape analysis to portfolio evaluation, concept development and white space identification, Mintel Consulting can give you a fresh viewpoint backed by rigorous data and insight you can trust.


Is any element of your business more important than your brand – the public face of your products and services that determines consumer reaction and favorability towards them?


It’s people who determine your business’s success. But how much do you know about the customers who hold your future in their hands? How can you influence their behavior?


Innovating is easy. Innovating successfully is not. Successful innovation is new product that sells; new directions people rush to follow. That takes time, expertise, collaboration.


No business can afford to stand still. If you’re not moving forwards, you can be sure others will be moving past. But where do you go to next?