In-depth coverage.
Data you can trust.

Mintel GNPD is committed to delivering the highest quality, detailed product data on new products in the food, drink, beauty and personal care, health and hygiene, home care and pet markets.

Local knowledge.
Global perspective.

We combine local and global expertise to help you answer questions effectively.
With our access to a global network of field associates, Mintel GNPD combines local and global expertise in 86 markets while our global in-house analysts provide additional levels of knowledge.

Find ideas

Learn about thousands of new product launches everyday from outside your category or market to find ideas you can apply to your business.

and compare

Identify and compare industry trends across markets and categories to understand how they can benefit or threaten your business.


Find extensive and up-to-date competitor launches to identify key strengths and weaknesses of your rivals.


Track unique packaging-specific characteristics from products from around the world to drive your innovation process.

Who is it for

Innovation and New Product Development

  • Understand key trends to drive the development process
  • Inspire creative solutions to spark growth
  • Identify emerging ingredients, fragrances and flavors in your industry or region


  • Find extensive and up-to-date competitive intelligence
  • Gain insight and industry knowledge on key categories and claims
  • Validate trends and analyze new product launches


  • Discover, graph and analyze opportunities for specific ingredients across categories
  • Investigate product features, formats, textures, nutrition and claims
  • Gain insight on formulation trends, patent activity and specialized nutrition

Packaging and Design

  • Analyze packaging attributes and benefits
  • Identify unique packaging concepts and trends
  • Look across categories for inspiration


  • Identify new prospects and grow existing accounts
  • Visualize trends with downloadable, presentation-ready graphs and reports
  • Stay up-to-date on new products launched in related categories

Category Management and Insights

  • Spot white space to align your products with consumer demand
  • Gather market data to support retail conversations
  • Track new launches and product positioning

What our clients say

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GNPD is a great tool, and I often use it to support some of the work we do for the categories…

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I rely a lot on GNPD report because you can view all the trends in a specific category…


Mintel GNPD is a great tool that our full team use on a number of different levels…