Mintel Field Services provides bespoke data collection and analysis using a global network of local consumers, that informs sales strategy.

We can call on a network of more than 35,000 local field evaluators in more than 150 markets, all available to deliver the on-the-ground intelligence you need to inform your sales strategies and monitor those of your competitors.

It’s the difference between thinking you know your customers, your outlets, your presentation, your quality, and being sure that you do.

Because in winning and losing, detail makes the difference.

In-store audits

Knowing what’s on the shelves is crucial to knowing why some products are flying off them – and why others are not.

Mystery shopping

Our access to a global network of more than 30,000 field evaluators exists to give you a customer’s-eye view of the sales floor experience.

Product retrieval

You understand your business’s products inside out. But how well do you know the ones they are up against? Or the others that can inspire innovation and improvement in your own?

Quality assurance

Quality and consistency are the values on which you have built your business success. Outstanding products, outstanding customer service. In every location, every time.