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Following a tumultuous 12 months, it’s understandable that companies and brands are struggling to know where to begin their journey of organising for sustainability or how to get internal stakeholders on board, as the arguments for sustainability could be in danger of slipping back into idealism. As ever, our aim at Mintel Consulting remains to offer guidance on how to ensure sustainable solutions for your organization – be they products, policies, campaigns or services – best resonate, and succeed, with consumers.

Current tumult – caused by (among other things) a disappointing COP26, conflict in Ukraine, broken supply chains, food shortages and record-breaking heat waves – makes it more crucial than ever that transitioning to clean energy and resilient, responsibly-sourced resources be communicated and quantified to consumers as a cost-saving exercise and one that delivers long-term return on investment for our stability, security and well being. That is going to put an onus on governments and companies to share those responsibilities and mobilise consumers in the process.

The 2022 edition of Mintel Consulting’s Sustainability Barometer reflects that reality check from a consumer perspective, with concerns around climate change, water and food shortages being prioritised ahead of previous preoccupations with waste and plastic. All of this points towards the emergence of a more informed and hardened global consumer.

Download the 2022 Mintel Consulting Sustainability Barometer now to find out:
– How consumer sentiment, behaviour and action has changed in the last year
– Global consumers’ leading environmental and social concerns
– The degree to which companies, consumers and governments are most responsible for sustainability initiatives
– Recommendations for activating consumers against the Sustainable Development Goals
– Challenges facing brand sustainability initiatives, key takeaways, and the approaches for success

Download for free now and learn how your products, policies and services can be sustainable and profitable now and for years to come. If you have specific questions about how sustainability will shape the future, Mintel Consulting is here to take the guesswork out of your process, solve your business challenges and help you move forward, faster and with confidence. Get in touch today!