“In my role, I mainly use GNPD, the annual reports, Mintel Trends and bespoke services tailored to our needs, such as presentations at our internal workshops.

Last year, we ran a cross category Blue Sky innovation workshop focused on a certain part of our food offer. Our aim was to unlock market leading development opportunities and differentiate our range. We provided stimulus about the market from a number of different sources, one being a presentation delivered by Mintel.

The great thing that they bought to the table was a global overview of the market – presenting us with product opportunities we may not necessarily have been aware of otherwise. The feedback from the attendees was extremely positive. The ability of Mintel to tailor their services to our specific needs means they are a valued resource for the Tesco Food Academy.”

Mintel is the first place to go to understand a category and which brands are the leaders there. We’ve been using Mintel Reports for about 8-9 years and Mintel Trends for the last couple.

Mintel’s industry reports are the first place we go, and Mintel Trends is a great asset for us alongside to understand trends in consumer behaviour and technology.

Anything I want to learn about how different technologies are being applied in marketing is in Mintel Trends, and I go to Mintel Reports to understand a category more broadly.

We use Mintel Reports and Mintel Trends pretty much across the board because there is such a wide range of categories covered.

We’ve been a subscriber for more than 10 years now.

We utilize Mintel Reports, Trends and Comperemedia to mine for insights across the numerous business verticals that Epsilon serves, such as CPG, automotive, telecom, healthcare/pharma, retail and financial services.

By integrating Mintel insight into new business opportunities, we have been able to gain the competitive edge necessary to advance partnerships with global brands and key business players.